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The canopies are a classical form of sun protection. In residential applications, the canopies are used for shade and to increase well being. In commercial applications, the canopies are used as a protection and also as advertising carriers.


Our tents products are stable and safe, gorgeous appearence, easy to erect and cost saving. Our products are widely used for material ware house, chemical storage, outdoor exhibition, celebration, sports, wedding ceremony, party meeting, etc....

We adopt reinforced light weight aluminium alloy as frame and fabric is imported double PVC coated polyster textile. It is wind free water proof, fire retardant, UV resistant and be safe under 100km/hour. Our clean-span structures are from 3 meters wide and length will be adjustable as customer's option.

Air Supported Dome

The materials used for air supported structures are similar to those used in tensile structures, PVC and PVDF.

  • It is considerably lower initial cost than conventional building.
  • Lower operating cost due to simplicity of design.
  • Easy and quick to set up, dismantle and relocate.
  • custom fabric colors and sizes including translucent fabric allowing natural sunlight in unobstructed open interior space since there is no need for columns.

Caparol Paints

The caparol group is the market leader for building paints in germany, austria and turkey. Founded in 1895, the company with the logo of an elephant with colourfull stripes is well known for being on of the biggest producers in the building paint business. Caprol developes, produces and sells hign quality materials for the facelift and renovation for both facade and for the inside of a house. paints, primers, enamels, glazes, structural coatings, corrosion, protection as well as concrete restoration belong to the various product assortments. Many services for painters designers and architects like a colour design studio or the construction service complete our offer. Caparol has establised itself as an innovative leader in genuine quality. Many innovations around the topic paint as the development of free-emission-and free of solvent-interior paints "ELF", or Nano-Quarz-Gitter-Technologie (NQG) for long term clean facades, show the technical expertise of the group. High-quality exterior paints like Muresko, AmphiSilan, Amphibolin or ThermoSan are in the paints trade as popular as the best selling interior paints indeko-plus, Malerit E.L.F.or CapaDIN. Developments such as the Dalmatiner Fassadendammplatte the saves heating costs, the with carbon reinforced impact-resistant plasters or the Melapor-Akustik system are amoung other innovations in the range. 

Plastic Mesh

Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) inert to all chemicals naturally found in soil and water.

Light, yet durable, fast, safe and easy installation, long life and sunlight resistance, efficient and cost effective.












Fencing plastic mesh is strong and durable produced in different mesh sizes and shapes, used for fencing purposes around the building, playgrounds, garden and boundaries.

Being rot proof, chemical resistant and light weight, it is also used for protecting grass areas and turf reinforcement.



It is a strong, durable mesh used in fencing, tree guard and plant support and its unique attractive shapes and colours allow decorative usage in interior and exterior environments.

Made of HDPE it is good alternative to metallic mesh used in aquaculture and fish farming.



Lalitfla diamond mesh comes in several sizes and lengths with a variety of customer oriented applications. Made of HDPE material it is light weight, durable, rust proof, chemical resistant and is not affected by moisture and humidity which gives to a longer life in the gulf countries. Used in poultry farms, fish farms and agricultural application can be customized as per customer's specifications.

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